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Welcome to the website of Gonabad Industrial Group (GIG) company. Our business involves investing, managing and performing construction,  industrial and agricultural projects in the region. Our teams of experts are capable of performing construction projects such as buildings, hospitals,  roads, tunnels, bridges, power stations, gas turbo compressors, water and wastewater treatment, food processing factories and chemical factories. In  addition, our financial and management experts are capable of investigating and providing sources of funding as well as managing projects in the least  time with the least costs.
Producing detailed feasibility study by us for every project is part of our primary principles. Our business team has more than 40 years of experience in trading with region countries in nearly all fields of commodities such as food, oil, chemical,  textile and machineries. We can provide commodities with the best price and quality and do the shipment in the least time. It is clear that producing  feasibility study for every trade is our aim and is done by our team of expert.
GIG is using highly experienced teams and professionals, latest machines and newest management methods to perform projects and we are  continuously improving our skills to provide better services to people and organizations.


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